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Thoughtful, helpful, and sparkling blog content should be a vital important part of any business website. According to Hubspot, company websites that feature regularly updated blogs get some 90% more links to their site and marketers who blog effectively are 13 times more likely to earn a positive ROI. Those are some pretty powerful reasons for building a blog.


Below are just some of the blogs I have contributed to. I also write for business and health blogs but their anonymity is protected by NDAs.

Effective copywriting techniques we learn from cats

6 Ways copywriters are like cats-effective copywriting techniques

6 Ways copywriters are like cats – effective copywriting techniques cats can teach us Copywriters are like cats—it’s obvious really when you think about it. For starters, we love our cats. And likewise we’d be lost without those brilliant copywriters who use effective copywriting techniques to craft stunning ad content and headlines. Here then is […]