Building links builds audience love

The internet is all about being connected so it’s no surprise that building links remains one of the most important SEO practices for making sure your site ranks well with human searchers and Google. With each development of its search algorithms  Google has placed increased importance on the credibility of  a website’s content.

This is a measure of how much value people find in your content, how much they share that content as well as how other high authority sites perceive  your site.

Building links with chain

Link building techniques in 2018 are still very much about quality not quantity. The concept of increasing the credibility of your site through link building is really no different to the practice of adding footnotes or citations to academic papers.

The old practice of generating thousands of links from low-cost spammy sites can affect your site negatively. You want your content to be trustworthy and your links should also reflect that integrity.

Basically, building links to high ranking sites starts with creating high quality, engaging content. If people like your blog they will link to it and share it. When your content starts getting attention it’ll be much easier to get great blog writer guest blogging placements along with those invaluable back links. You can also create your own blog on a high traffic site like Medium or Reddit.

There still some cheap or free ways to quickly increase the number of back links to your site. Listing your website in web directories such as mKiwi New Zealand Search Engine can be very effective. This is especially true if you’re offering localised services.

Many SEO tools allow you to research the links your competitors are using. You can see how much authority each link site has and the relative value of those links.  But remember, when building links it’s always quality first. It’s much better to have a smaller number of high quality links than thousands of spammy links. So do the research before you decide to replicate your competitors’ links.