Copywriting that works

Copywriting that works to grab your reader’s attention is effective copywriting. Some 80% of viewers will take in your article or website headline, but only 20% will read the entire article. The words you use in those precious few moments make all the difference between a potential customer moving down your conversion funnel or moving on–nothing to see here! So, the ability to write eyeball-gouging headlines is a key talent that any professional copywriter needs to have.

Business headline-copywriting that works

But before we explore the necessary skills of a talented copywriter in more depth just what is the difference between a content writer and a copywriter? Content writers write content. That content could be blogs, web pages, articles, product reviews etc. Gifted content writers love using words to attract, entertain and inform readers in a way that adds real value to their lives. Web content writers play a particularly important role in making your website attractive to human visitors as well as Google.

So how is a copywriter different?

A copywriter also relishes playing with words but their skills are more focused on crafting brilliant ad copy such as headlines, banners, CTAs, and advertorials. Copywriters not only have to be language experts they also have to understand human psychology and the art of selling. Copywriters need to connect to the reader’s emotional and intellectual centres.

These quotes from great copywriters of the past say it all.

“The real advertising writer who is after results makes the reader want something – and then provides what the reader will consider a good excuse for buying it.” Clyde Bedell

“You do not write copy, you assemble it. You are working with a series of building blocks, you are putting the building blocks together, and then you are putting them in certain structures, you are building a little city of desire for your person to come and live in.” Eugene Schwartz

“To impress your offer on the mind of the reader or listener, it is necessary to put it into brief, simple language…You have got to hit them where they live in the heart or in the head. You have got to catch their eyes or ears with something simple, something direct, something they want.” John Caples

In short, copywriting usually focuses on getting the reader to do a specific action such as sign up or buy.

What other skills does a top copywriter need?

So, great copywriting features catchy headlines–what else should a skilled copywriter do? Well, brevity is the life and soul of brilliant ad copy. In other words, copywriters hate fluff. That’s because their audience hates fluff. A visitor to your website will decide in less than 3 seconds whether to read more or move on to your competitor’s site. HubSpot call this the blink test. It takes great skill to pack your brand message with real pulling power into so few words.

If you’ve ever watched a cat on the prowl you’ll see that same steely sharp focus on the target and that efficiency of movement. You can read more here about 6 ways copywriters are just like cats.


Is a good content writer also a good copywriter?

In simple terms, yes. In reality, there is an enormous overlap of skill-sets in both copywriting and content writing. You need to have great content that touches your audience and offers real value but also need to make sure that people are clicking on that content.

In the modern world of content marketing you need to make sure your content follows those essential features of copywriting that works such as:

  • Brilliant headlines
  • Avoidance of fluffy content
  • Sharp focus on their customer’s needs and persona
  • Inspired CTAs (calls to action)

According to the latest HubSpot research on the state of Inbound marketing:

Some 70% of companies around the world see converting contacts and leads to customers as their top priority for the next 12 months. A further 54% believe that growing traffic to their website should be their key focus. Research shows that effective use of content marketing can save you $14 on every customer acquisition.

Copywriting and content creation play a pivotal role in all these important metrics. How can the Inbound methodology transform your business? Learn more here.

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