Web content portfolio

Here you can click on the links above to view my web content portfolio.

I have written:
• web content, about, product and service pages, and blogs
• online courses and webinars
• eBooks
• short and long form sales letters and advertorials
• newsletters
• creative fiction

I am HubSpot certified in the Inbound methodology of content and email marketing. Talk to me about how I can craft web content that really opens a conversation with your audience and leads them down that conversion path. The quality of your web content is more important than ever. It’s vital that your content engages, informs and delights your target audience all the way through their buyer journeys. 


The quality of the written content on your website reflects how you see your brand. So not only do you need the right words but you need to make sure that your final copy has gone through an accurate editing and proofreading process. You might have great web visuals and site design but grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, word choice and tone can spoil the great effect you hoped to achieve. Even worse it can make your site look amateurish.


When you work with me you can expect the same high editorial standards that I have  applied while editing PhD s, academic books and articles, children’s books, and non-fiction books. 


Obviously, this web content portfolio represents only a small portion of my work but it should be enough to give you an idea about me as a writer and how I can meet your needs. Reach out to me; let me find the words you need.