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Contact top NZ content writer for all your copywriting and web content needs. I produce snappy web content that engages, informs your readers and inspires the response you need whether it’s more sales conversions, increasing the number of people signing up for your course or service, getting them to download your PDF book, or simply asking for more information.

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But don’t you just hate it when you send messages via websites and no one responds?

You do the really tough little security test thingy and all you get for your effort is a whole lot of silence. If you want to transform your web content use the form below to contact top NZ content writer and I’ll get back to you promptly.



I’m not the kind of writer that allows constant interruptions from social media or anything else to interrupt my brilliant creative flow. When I write for you I’m 100% with your project. However, I do take breaks from time to time where I will check and respond to messages.

Of course, the usual caveats about acts of God apply here. If you don’t get a clear, thoughtful response from me (often within the hour) it means that something terrible has happened such as a flood, fire, tornado, accident or I’ve gone into politics. Please also bear in mind time differences across international time zones; a slight delay in response could mean that I’m sleeping–yeah, it does happen from time to time.