Outstanding Web Content Services

Styluswriter: when you need outstanding web content services including:

  • About, product description, and product review pages
  • Short- and long-form articles (also technical and academic articles)
  • Online coursesoutstanding web content services
  • eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Sales and marketing  letters and emails

You need sparkling copywriting that catches reader attention and converts visitors into lovely juicy sales because after all that's the primary purpose of your business website. Outstanding web content services also include SEO and building links. I'm also a great blog writer and a razor-sharp copy editor and proofreader.

Targeted SEO

Get more visitors to your sites with targeted SEO techniques. 

Outstanding web content services-targeted SEOBut choosing the right keywords is just a small part of making your website more visible.

And even in the images you use, the alt tags and other metadata can play a big part in how well your website ranks in search engine results.

It's also a mistake to plan your SEO only around search engines because Google algorithms are constantly evolving towards rewarding content that is enjoyable and readable for humans. That means you need to have thoughtful, engaging web content that stands out from the crowd.

Using the right keywords is just part of that equation. You also need to think about long-tail keywords and phrases that follow a more natural speech pattern. 


Styluswriter also offers meticulous editing and proof reading services that will bring a real sparkle to your web content, fiction and non fiction books and articles.  It's just another essential aspect of providing outstanding web content services.

Editing material for non-native English speakers is a great way to sharpen up editing accuracy. Over a four year period I created English language learning tools for ESL students in India, an academic writing course for ESL university students, reviewed student papers for improvement, and edited PhD theses, staff academic papers, and books for publication.

When I edit your material you can expect me to:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
  • Standardize your text for British or American English as required.
  • Ensure consistency of pronoun and tense usage, and subject verb agreement.
  • Improve sentence structure (using active voice, parallel structures).
  • Use Word with track changes and comments enabled so that you may see the improvements.