Website landing page design

Website landing page design like a dart board

A website landing page is a vital part of any website. In simple terms, a landing page serves to turn visitors into converts or sell products with an offer that requires a registration. It’s a great way to generate new leads and a well designed landing page can also help you understand your site visitors better.


What does effective landing page design look like?

There are a number of solid principles that all good landing pages follow.

A website landing page should offer no distractions such as lots of navigation buttons that might take your visitors away from the landing page.  Every landing page should simply focus on the offer and the sign up form.


Design your landing pages to be attractive to your ideal buyer personas. Knowing what your potential customers are searching for and how they are getting to your site will help you shape your page design.

You will want to think about:

  • Colours–what colours are most attractive to your target personas?
  • Fonts and font sizes–get the balance right between beauty and functionality
  • Design simplicity–landing page design needs to be simple to be effective
  • White space–use white space to focus the viewer’s attention on your message
  • Images to really capture the attention and amplify your message


Make sure the headlines tell people clearly what it’s all about. And remember the blink test? You’ve got only 3 to 5 seconds before your visitor decides to move on or read further. That means you want to use short snappy headlines. And also spell out really clearly just what is the value of your offer. How much value are you offering the reader?


Landing page copy should also follow all those essential copywriting dos and don’ts.  That’s because the text should have only one aim: to drive the visitor to take the desired action.

You’ll also want a brilliant CTA (call to action) to lead prospects to sign up and give you their personal contact details in exchange for that free download, trial or consultation. How you word your button text can make an enormous difference to your conversion rates. Studies have shown that a single word change such as adding ‘get’ can lead to a whopping 103% conversion increase.

What other things should a website landing page feature?

Designing your landing pages around SEO optimisation is important too.

Landing pages are great for SEO as they add yet another indexable page to your site. You need to think about all things SEO including consistent page titles URLs headlines and the text.

The design of your form fields can make a big difference too. Form fields match the amount of information requested with the value of your offer. No one is likely to give detailed personal contact info, job title and credit card details in exchange for a simple eBook download of info they can get on the web for free.

You should also reassure your visitors that you are trustworthy. Tell them clearly what you’ll do with their information—that it’s not for sale. You can use a link to your privacy page for this.

There you go—some basics for designing a great landing page.