Writing great website content builds audience love

and Google’s respect

If you’re writing great website content it means that you’re focused on your audience needs. You not only engage, entertain and inform your audience but your web pages, blogs, and articles also help them along their journey. The best website content helps to solve their problems and influence or modify their behaviour. After all you’re ultimately trying to encourage some kind of conversion or sales decision. Isn’t that the whole point of content marketing?

You see, the old type of interruption marketing no longer works. Consumers no longer rely on what the salesperson tells them. In fact, fewer than 30% of people seek out a salesperson to learn more about a product, yet more than 60% will get their answers through a search engine. (HubSpot, 2016).  The old full of bluster (read BS) sales pitch is just being ignored. The millennial generation are especially cynical about this type of marketing.

Writing great website content builds trust

Build trust with amazing website content

So, if you want to build audience love you need to use a different approach.


Web content writing needs to be thoughtful.

Writing great website content is about generating thoughtful, insightful articles that inspire change for your readers. So, how do we write thoughtful content? It starts with knowing your audience and the reasons they’ve come to your website. When you know where they’re coming from (literally and figuratively) you can write web pages that are better targeted to their needs.

The first step is to create your ideal customer profiles or personas. Buyer personas are one of those buzz words that are actually helpful. So what is a buyer persona? The Buyer Persona Institute describes them like this, “buyer personas reveal insights about your buyers’ decisions — the specific attitudes, concerns and criteria that drive prospective customers to choose you, your competitor or the status quo”.

Understand that a buyer persona is not just a vague, completely fictional view of your customer. It’s vital that you base your customer persona on real world data and research. You can learn more about the value of accurately defined buyer personas here at CXL. There are also plenty of places such as the HubSpot Academy where you can get some training in the art of creating valuable customer personas.   You can also check out this article on the User Testing Blog for the Five Best Guides to Creating Customer Personas for more information.


Create great web content that you can trust

The second step to writing great website content is to build trust. And by the way, Google loves to see this too. Thoughtful content is essentially trustworthy content. What do we mean by trustworthy content? Trustworthy content has three distinguishing qualities. Your content builds trust when it is:

  • Reliable, up to date, well-informed, and helpful
  • Well written and error-free
  • Backed up by authority and accepted expert knowledge

The best web content writing promotes ideas, thinking, and solutions that work. When you share reliable solutions with your potential customers they begin to see your website as helpful. And they’ll start to share that content with their friends and on their social networks. This is how Inbound marketing attracts leads and starts them on the buyer’s journey down the conversion funnel. Obviously, that reliable and well-informed information needs to be up to date. If it isn’t then this rapidly changing world and your constantly evolving target audience are going to leave you far behind.

Outstanding web content is well written and researched. If your writing is poor, doesn’t read well, or is a massive wall of bland text then visitors won’t bother with it. Likewise, if it’s full of grammatical errors then your readers will find it hard to take you seriously. When you finish writing you must make sure you edit it thoroughly or pass it over to a skilled copy editor.

Support your claims, your ideas with links to recognised high authority websites and experts in the subject. This shows both your readers and Google that your ideas deserve to be taken seriously. This is also  an important part of building links for SEO performance. Google wants to support a truly integrated pool of web-based knowledge and by promoting links to other great web content sites you enhance the SEO value of your own site as well as those you link to.

So, when you write outstanding web page content you grow customer love, build links and authority for your website, and you transform your visitors into repeat customers. Helping others to help themselves and in turn fostering your own business growth is what truly thoughtful content is all about.